Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dr. Vardy shares a recent study about Xylitol

At Vardy Orthodontics we have known for some time that certain types of chewing gum, cough drops, toothpaste, mouthwash and candy have been found to help prevent tooth decay. Believe it or not, the sugar substitute “Xylitol” was found to be the culprit, helping to prevent bacteria growth that often contributes to cavities. This research was focused on permanent teeth.

But what about baby teeth? Dr. Vardy wants to share with you a study that found Xylitol in an oral syrup was found to have a significant effect on cavity prevention in children between 9-15 months of age.

Before using Xylitol products you should ALWAYS consult your dentist first!

Hope this helps! Give us a call if you have any questions!

--Dr. Vardy and the Vardy Orthodontics team

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Timothy said...

Oh, so that's how Xylitol works. I've noticed most of the good dental products with Xylitol are highly recommended by any dentist. St. Petersburg has a lot of dentists that recommend the use of products with this substance to prevent any damages to your teeth. But we will always have to remember that the dentist has the last say if you need those products or not.