Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What our patients have said

"She (Dr. Vardy) is very smart and cares about getting all the details just right. She also is concerned that our family understands each step of the process and takes the time to explain why it is being done." - Laura

My orthodontist, Dr. Iris Vardy, is very thorough and meticulous. She is also sensitive to childrens fears and is a highly competent individual interims of dissolving any notions about the discomforts of orthodontia." - Fontaine

Dr. Vardy is the best. She is always accomadating and does her utmost for her patients. She is concerned, caring and extremely competent." - Joy

"The combination of professionalism and warm atmosphere. The staff is knowledgeable and very gracious. One thing I was dismayed to see at our visit yesterday was a television in the waiting room and it was on. This takes away from the the comfortable atmosphere I always associated with the waiting room- it is intrusive." - Nina

Her skill and knowledge, her ability to comfort parents and children, her availability, her work ethics, her personality, her office." - Beth

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